Friday, April 04, 2014

Too Busy for Fun!

I made a lot of good progress yesterday, so I'm hoping that if I really buckle down, I can get through this round of revisions today and tomorrow, then on Monday I can take a "break" and finish my taxes before I do a round of proofreading.

I have a ton of TV catching up to do this weekend. We get new Grimm tonight and Continuum also returns tonight for some time traveling fun. I'm hoping last night's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is available OnDemand because we got about fifteen minutes before they interrupted the rest of the hour for storm coverage. It would be a shame to miss the series finale, especially since the storm was nowhere near me (I got about five minutes of rain and one clap of thunder loud enough to make me jump). Game of Thrones returns Sunday, and I still have two episodes to rewatch as a reminder because I get mixed up about what's in the show and what's in the books. I still haven't watched last Sunday night's PBS shows.

It's sad when you're too busy to be properly entertained.

On the other hand, busy is good when it means there's work to do that leads to making money, and I can feel the book getting better, which is nice. Better to have the editor nitpick it while I can still fix it than to have readers nitpicking it and finding flaws after it's published.

Now for a library trip and then work!

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