Thursday, April 17, 2014

London Bridge

I definitely had an answer to prayers last night, since I only had four kids and none of them were the really difficult ones (and two of them belong to the other teacher). We worked on the songs we're learning, then used those songs as music for some parachute games, then played some other games and then did some coloring. We introduced them to "London Bridge" last night, and one kid thought this was the best thing ever. He normally doesn't get too into anything, but he just came to life with this and wanted to do it again and again. When it was his turn to get "locked up" he giggled hysterically. Strangely, though, it completely freaked out one of the girls, even though her mom was part of the bridge. She wouldn't go under the bridge at all and started crying. So we had one kid who wanted us to stop, NOW, and one kid who never, ever wanted to stop it.

True confession about "London Bridge": I grew up listening to the My Fair Lady soundtrack and saw the movie just about every year (it used to show on TV every year at Thanksgiving, I think) and knew it well before I was ever exposed to nursery rhyme type games, so when I learned "London Bridge is Falling Down," I thought the "my fair lady" part was about the show, and I couldn't figure out how it fit together. I'm sure the show got its name from the song, but when I was a kid, I kept trying to put Audrey Hepburn into the nursery rhyme. Then there was a cartoon on the history of London Bridge they showed on the Wonderful World of Disney that left me fascinated. Of course, the "real" London Bridge is no longer in London, and the current London Bridge is just an ordinary bridge (I've crossed it, just because). And it's a common misconception that the Tower Bridge is "London Bridge," but it isn't (I've walked across that one, too, but not on the upper level).

I made it through the choir rehearsal last night and even got through my solo, though I cracked a little on the high A. I'm just amazed I was able to sing, as much as I was sneezing. Today I hit Target first thing in the morning and stocked up on cold and allergy supplies. As always seems to happen, the gunk in my head when I get the allergy attack is trying to get into my chest, which tends to trigger bronchitis, and I'm not going to let that happen. So, I'm hitting it from all angles today. I may not make it to tonight's service, but I'm not singing for this one and I need to be able to sing the rest of the weekend. The stuff that works best doesn't allow me to drive.

I have a new favorite Target checker, though. There are so many I like at this store that usually at least one of my favorites is on duty at any time. This was a rather motherly British woman. Since the store was fairly quiet, she had time for a chat, and I got the vibe that she really thought she should be offering me a cup of tea. It was very soothing. I guess having so many favorites means that if the store isn't too busy, I can pick based on which experience I need that day. There's the cool, fun guy, the very prim and proper older lady (she always asks, "Did you find everything for which you were looking?"), and now the motherly British woman.

I think today may be a sofa and movies day, with sporadic napping.

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