Monday, April 14, 2014

Crazy Week Begins

I survived part one of Crazy Week: Two services, the children singing, and a rehearsal (all with potential storms looming but that fortunately didn't hit here). The kids were adorable and did quite well, though I had to separate a couple of them. They had their own silly little inside joke going, cracking each other up. In addition to the separation, it also helped that I got their inside joke, and it ruins those secret little things if the teacher knows what you're talking about. They were on a tear about Ducky MoMo from Phineas and Ferb, and I know all about that, so once I played along and they realized I knew about it, it became less fun. (And then that got the main episode involving that stuck in my head, the one about the science fiction convention, which involved Ferb dressed as an elf, which made last night's Game of Thrones scene involving the actor who voices Ferb dressed in a very similar costume a lot funnier than it was intended to be.)

One thing that's funny is that it's often the kids who give me the most trouble who are the most affectionate, which may be how they stay alive. Since it was Palm Sunday, the kids did the procession down the aisle with palm branches, and then they were supposed to go sit in the front pew until it was their turn to sing. The adult choir sang a prelude before the procession, so I sang with the choir, then ran down from the choir loft, through the choir room behind the sanctuary, and then got to the other side of the church in time to direct the kids into the right pew. New Problem Child (who turned out to be wrong about not being there -- his mother made sure of that) ran to hug me when he got into the pew. Awww.

Now I just have to get through another rehearsal, two services during the week and three services Easter morning. In addition to other stuff. There will likely be utter collapse at about 12:30 Easter afternoon.

I did a bit of brainstorming over the weekend and may have figured out the rest of the book. It turns out I was wrong about the groups realigning because once I started figuring out who would go with whom and why, it became obvious that the mix-up was only because it would be interesting to play with and not anything organic to the decisions the characters would make. Plus, the relationships that need developing are between other characters. There was no real drama or emotion in putting the sisters together. They'd just have fun with it. Today is suddenly cold and gray, so it's a good day for putting on some music, making some tea and really having a good think. After I get back from the post office.

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