Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This Year's Schedule

I should finish my read-through today so I can send the book and some related material off tomorrow. And then it's back to other work because I've got to get through the copy edits on the next book to be published, since Audible already wants to do it as an audio book, and then I've got to finish the sequel. And work on covers. And get stuff done for foreign releases of the Enchanted, Inc. series. And hope I can get all this done before I get copy edits for the steampunk book and have to drop everything again.

I've pretty much firmed up my summer convention schedule, so here's where I'll be:
ApolloCon in Houston, June 27-29
DetCon 1 in Detroit, July 17-20 (I haven't had official confirmation of being a program participant there, but I'm getting e-mails for program participants, and I'm friends with the programming person, so I guess I'll be speaking in some capacity)
ArmadilloCon in Austin, July 25-27
FenCon in Dallas, September 26-28

I may see about adding another in the fall, depending on how things are going and what comes up. If you're involved in a con where you think I might be a good fit and get to meet a lot of fans, let me know. I'm not even angling for a guest of honor type invitation where my travel is paid for. I just rationalized that I could hit multiple US cons where I could meet existing fans and make new ones for the cost of going to WorldCon in London, so I might have the budget to make one more out-of-area trip this year, and it could be fun to expand my horizons beyond my usual stomping grounds. Of course, I'm totally open to guest of honor or toastmaster type invitations, as well. If you're willing to pay my travel expenses, I won't argue.

Now I have to get ready for my final night of children's choir (aside from two more events of attempting to get the kids to sing in public). And finish the book. And keep my voice in some kind of reasonable singing condition. I'm planning a quiet weekend to mix some work and some relaxation before a very stressful Sunday morning.

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