Monday, April 28, 2014

All that Jazz

After a fun weekend, I have to plunge back into revisions today. I'm going to re-read the whole book and make sure the latest changes flow and don't create any continuity ripple effects.

I spent all day Saturday at a jazz festival -- twelve hours straight of sitting under a tree, listening to jazz. Mostly big band, though most of that was more modern than the classic "swing." There were a few smaller ensembles in the morning, including one that focused on dance music of the 20s and 30s, which meant some different instrumentation. They had a tuba instead of a string or electric bass, a banjo instead of guitar, they had a violin, and they used a lot of clarinet in addition to saxophone. I really wanted to do the Charleston.

There was a really cute and very talented Swedish trombone player who was in several of the groups, and I kind of wanted him wrapped up to-go, until I realized he was probably half my age. That was depressing.

I also got my special-occasion funnel cake (I only ever get them at events like this) and a burger grilled by the Elks Club.

Of course, I was drained the next day, but the choir had the weekend off (which is good because I had no voice).

This week, in addition to finishing revisions, I have to get the voice in really good shape because next weekend is my Sunday of much singing. I have the soprano solo in the choir anthem, with much of my part going above the staff. Then I'm singing lead in a women's ensemble -- in Spanish. A capella. Actually, the Spanish isn't so hard for me. I wouldn't say I speak or understand Spanish, but I can read it and pronounce it, so I know what I'm saying and how to say it.

It's also my final real week of children's choir, and I've already got fun stuff planned. So, on with the week!

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