Friday, April 18, 2014

One Way to Deal with a Busy Week

I'm starting to think that this might have been a cold instead of just a severe allergy attack because of the way the symptoms have cycled. In which case, I may have infected the whole choir and everyone will be sick on Easter. Then again, I probably caught it from someone in the choir because those are the only people I've been around in a while. Or else yesterday's light rain eased the pollen, so I'm now just dealing with the consequences of the allergy flare-up. At any rate, I'm still a little stuffy and have a bit of a cough, but I still have a voice, so I'm going to try to make it to church tonight.

Proof that I'm really a soprano: It's the high notes that I can sing right now. The low notes are rough and break, but it's on the upper half of the staff and above that I sound okay.

I suppose this was one way to deal with a busy week: Get sick, so most of the activities went by the wayside. I've gotten no writing done because of the fog. We'll hope that this means my subconscious has been busy, and when I snap out of it, suddenly the story will come pouring out of me. Today I think I'll try to do some outlining, but there will also be some napping. And then tomorrow will be a complete slug day so I can make it through Easter.

I put the new bedspread on the bed yesterday to see how it looks, and it's rather gorgeous. Now when the weather gets warm, I can put the comforter away for the summer and have something lightweight. I started a new project that's something of an experiment, making a pattern as written but using different yarn and needles, so it should come out a different size. It's a pretty tricky lace pattern with a 43-stitch repeat, so there's lots of room for error, but it's absolutely lovely the way it comes together. I'm in awe of how you can take just a few basic stitches and put them together in so many different ways to make amazing things happen.

Sorry, all I've written about this week is how sick and foggy I am. That's why it's probably best that I didn't try writing on the book. My characters would have all been sneezing and sniffling and whining about it.

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