Monday, April 07, 2014

Tea and a Book

I had a pretty good weekend. I spent most of Saturday working and finished this pass of revisions, then went on a brief walk/hike (there was some minor "hiking" content on a more rugged trail, but most of it was a paved path). Sunday was deliciously cool and rainy, the perfect day to spend with tea and a book.

There's nothing like coming home from church on a cold, rainy day to the smell of dinner cooking in the Crock Pot -- except that the dinner was timed for the evening meal and was nowhere near done at lunchtime, so I got that smell upon coming home and then had to reheat leftovers for lunch. But dinner was awesome when I got to it. I had a pork loin I was cooking for pulled pork, but I ended up taking some slices off it before I shredded it and just had it as regular meat. I'd planned on slaw to go with the barbecued pork I'd been planning, but since it was cool weather, I braised the cabbage instead. I'll have to get more cabbage to do slaw later because this pork will last me a while. I'm going to have to freeze some of it. Oh, it was good, though. The one problem with Crock Pot cooking is that the house smells like what you're making all day, so you spend the whole day hungry.

Today will be mostly devoted to business-related stuff. I've broken down the big tasks into smaller daily bites, so there's not going to be any one day that will have to be totally taken over by icky stuff. I want to get back to the book I was writing today. I may or may not give the steampunk book another pass before sending it to the editor. Right now, I'm letting it rest. I may go back over the places where I made more significant changes, but I'm not sure if another complete re-read would be worthwhile. And I need to work on my map.

My incentive for getting through the to-do list today is that I still haven't finished the new Terry Pratchett book, in spite of yesterday afternoon's reading session. I think I'm trying to savor it because I keep forcing myself to take breaks.

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