Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Still Recovering

I'm still recovering -- not quite as foggy as I was before, but not feeling particularly perky either. I will have to venture out of the house today as I've scavenged all the food in my house that can reasonably be put into meals. I've been starving after a week of mostly bad conference food and a day or so of no real meals at all. Plain pasta (about all that's left in the cupboard) isn't going to cut it.

Instead of trying to give a full convention report, I can offer a link that provides photographic evidence of some of my actions, courtesy of my agent's blog. I agree with Kristin that it wasn't nearly as wild as I'd been led to believe, or maybe the wild stuff happened after I got tired and headed back to my room to read. I liked the way my agent's sister put it, that it was like going to a wedding reception every night for four nights in a row.

In other news, it appears that Once Upon Stilettos is now available in e-book formats, for those of you who are more high-tech than I am (I'm still addicted to paper). You can get it at the Palm eBook Store or at eReader.com, where it's on the bestseller list (woo hoo!). It doesn't seem to have shown up at Fictionwise yet, which is odd because the last book was a bestseller there.

And finally, before I head in search of food, I'm touring this week and next week on the Girlfriends Cyber Circuit. Today, I take the Bad Boy Quiz at Tanya Lee Stone's blog.

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