Friday, May 05, 2006

Booksigning Reminder and Out of the Blogosphere

I'm in East Texas, enjoying the barbecue, the flowers and my dad's flock of "pet" wild birds (we call them "the herd"). Today I watched some blue jays and a red-headed woodpecker on the backyard feeder. We didn't get around to getting into town to see Antonio Banderas ballroom dancing yesterday, and wouldn't you know, that movie is now gone from the theater here, chased out by all the multi-screen showings of MI-3. Tom Cruise ruins everything! Instead, I'm getting a chance to kick back and relax for a while.

I'll be doing a booksigning Saturday, 3-6 p.m., at the Barnes & Noble in Tyler, Texas, so if there are any fellow East Texans, do drop by. There will also be a special celebrity guest appearance by Mom.

Then I'm back in Dallas for a signing Sunday afternoon, 1-3, at the Borders in Uptown, on McKinney Avenue across from the West Village. The Infamous Red Stilettos will be making an appearance for that event.

And remember that I'll be in Austin next Saturday.

Now, while I relax and read, here's another Out of the Blogosphere entry, Midnight Secrets, a juicy gothic romance by Jennifer St. Giles.

"When two are born together, one will die by the other's hand..."

This is the Dragon's Curse that has plagued the Killdarens for generations and continues on in this tale set on the Cornish Coast of 1879 England.

Sean and Alex thought they'd escaped the Dragon's curse until in a rage of suspicion and accusation the twins came close to killing each other the night the woman they both loved was murdered. Eight years later, the only thing they agree on is to remain unwed and childless, to never pass on the Dragon's Curse. Then another woman disappears. This time from Sean Killdaren's castle and his reclusive world is shattered when Cassie Andrews, a journalist, goes undercover as a downstairs maid. He can no more ignore her than he can ignore the murderer hiding behind the secrets of Killdaren Castle's stone walls.

Sounds like a good way to give yourself chills on a hot summer night!

For more info, visit Jennifer's web site.

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Anonymous said...

Best wishes for your booksigning Shanna! Hope you sell lots of copies.