Monday, May 22, 2006

Home from my Adventures

I'm home. At least, my body is. I think the airline lost my brain in transit. Though, that could have been my fault for booking yet another one of those godawful early flights that requires staying up all night, since it would be pointless to go to bed for only a few hours of sleep that would only leave me groggy. When I'm more coherent, I may provide a report of my adventures, but I'm not entirely sure that they'd be of much interest to anyone.

I did learn that I seem to suck at slacking. My duty gene is highly overexpressed. I had all those grand plans of goofing off and only going to the major parties, but I ended up attending workshops and mixers and generally working instead of playing. I hit the beach a few times, but mostly just for walking as I felt it was a bit chilly for swimming. I like the idea of the beach, and I like being around water, but I get bored with the beach quickly unless I am walking. It's like, "Yay, I'm on the beach! ... Now what?" It didn't help that I managed to get blisters from the thong on my flip-flops when I had to kill an hour or so while the world's slowest hotel housekeeper was in my room, and one of the blisters broke, so the last thing you want to do with an open blister on the inside of your big toe is walk in sand or wade in salt water. That put an end to my beach exploration. My feet and sandals generally don't get along too well. The only shoes I brought that didn't end up killing my feet were the Infamous Red Stilettos. You know you're in trouble when you bring a wardrobe of flat, supposedly comfortable sandals and your non-painful shoes end up being the 3 1/2 inch heel stiletto pumps.

At the same time, I didn't get the work done that I'd planned to do, so I guess I slacked some. I read about six books during the course of the trip and I did nap a bit and watch pieces of movies on Starz (which was how I stayed awake Saturday night while waiting to catch the shuttle to the airport -- Clive Owen double feature with the last hour or so of King Arthur and most of Sin City, though I had to miss the end of that). The hotel also had the History Channel International, which is highly addictive.

The coolest thing for me was getting to meet all the readers and fans. It still blows my mind that I actually have fans, people who are excited to meet me.

And now, as much as I'd love to rest, I have work to do for my upcoming Girlfriends Cyber Circuit blog tour. I did manage to talk myself out of going to get groceries today because I really don't want to leave the house. It's good to be home, though I wouldn't mind having daily maid service still.

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