Monday, May 29, 2006

Going Home

That promised book report may have to wait until later in the week because I have to leave town and, as usual, I'm running behind (the story of my life!).

Tomorrow's my big live TV talk show guest debut. I'm not really nervous (yet!), but I'm thinking that maybe I should try practicing what I preached when I was torturing -- er, media training -- corporate executives and come up with some key message points. I have my outfit planned. Shouldn't that be enough? I'm packing two different skirts in case I decide I hate one of them, but I can't think of another top that will also work with the Infamous Red Stilettos that might be broadcast friendly, so I'm going to hope the one I'm bringing works and that the anchorwoman isn't wearing the same color or a clashing color.

I'm getting to be quite the local media celebrity in that area. A week or so ago, there was an article about me in the Lindale News and Times, and now I'm going to be on TV in Tyler. The sad thing is, I may come from a town of about 2,000 people, but I'm not the most famous person from that town, now that Miranda Lambert is hitting it big in country music. There's also another Lindale kid who came in the top bunch in the latest Nashville Star competition (one I knew when he was two -- ouch!) who also looks to be a rising star. A mildly successful author just can't compete. They haven't yet opened the Shanna Swendson Headquarters and Store downtown, and I don't anticipate anyone ever doing so. I'm not sure I'd want it, anyway. What would they sell other than books?

Meanwhile, my 20-year class reunion is this year, and they've put up a web site with the reunion details. They're also having people send in their "now" picture to go alongside their yearbook photo from high school. Is it cheating that I'm using my book cover photo that's been rather heavily Photoshopped? I think I look younger in my "now" photo than I do in my high school senior portrait. I guess the pro photo is only a problem if people can't recognize me from it, and I think it still actually looks a lot like me. The Photoshopping was more to clear up my skin and tone down redness than to erase wrinkles.

And now I have to eat some lunch, throw my bags in the Saturn and hit the road. You know your car is getting old when Saturn no longer sends it birthday cards (yes, they really do that, but I haven't received one yet this year, and it's around that time).

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