Friday, May 12, 2006

Road Trip

I'm in my usual scattered state preparing to head to Austin. Fortunately, I don't have a deadline or timetable. I can travel at leisure. But I still feel like I'm behind the curve. Ah well, I think that's normal for me trying to go out of town.

I'm actually looking forward to the road trip. I get all nostalgic about heading to Austin. It makes me think of my college days, even though Austin now is very little like the Austin I knew. I've found all my tapes from my college years to listen to on the trip (yes, my car is old enough to have a tape deck instead of a CD player), as well as a bunch of other stuff, so I can start thinking about my soundtrack for the next book.

But soundtrack planning is the only "work" I intend to do, aside from booksigning stuff. I'll have a notebook in case a thought strikes me, but when I'm not signing books, I intend to be relaxing. I've got books to read, and I've got the new issue of Lucky. If I'm fortunate, the hotel will have Sci Fi, and I can watch that. Otherwise, I think one of the networks is showing Legally Blonde 2.

Now I'd better get packed and get on the road. Full trip report on Sunday!

PS -- Remember, booksigning 2-4 p.m. at the Borders in south Austin Saturday.

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