Friday, July 03, 2015

To Terminate or Not to Terminate

For this morning's long walk (it was really nice out earlier, since it was overcast and not so hot), I headed to the streets those lakeside houses are on. It looks like I'll have to sell lots and lots of books to afford to live there, judging by the kinds of cars in the driveways. There were a couple of cul-de-sacs arranged to maximize the lakefront property, and on the first one I went down, nothing really jumped out at me as my house. Then there was a little circle around a small greenspace that looked rather pleasant, but again none of the lakeside houses struck my fancy. But then as I was heading home, I tried a different street that didn't look lakeside at first, but turned out to be around a little inlet on the lake, and there was a house that had what looked like a Victorian conservatory off the side of it. I tried getting a look at the back/side from the park nearby, but the inlet made it hard to see, though I think I spotted the chimney of an outdoor fireplace. To get a really good look, I'll have to put in contact lenses so I can see details at a distance and walk along the levee across the lake. And maybe bring my binoculars for some "bird watching." But I would be totally okay with living on a quiet inlet with a conservatory and patio with fireplace overlooking a lake.

To make it happen, I'll probably need this next book (or some future book) to be a bestseller, raising the sales of my other books, and then getting me higher advances on future books, plus some foreign sales and a movie option or two. Totally doable! Actually, it's not entirely outside the realm of possibility.

Today is going to be my Independence Day holiday. The town near me is doing their fireworks tonight. Then I can spend tomorrow relaxing and redesigning my web site. And baking a pie for Sunday's church cookout.

I'd thought about seeing the new Terminator movie, but the reviews aren't promising. I love the original with a great passion, and most of the reviews say the best parts of the new movie are the reshoots of the original, except they only remind you how pale the new versions of these characters are in comparison, so the movie's less interesting once it moves on with its twists on the original story. I know I'm in the minority for actually kind of liking the last one, but it didn't really undo the chronology, and I just wish they'd gone as far with that concept as they seem to have planned but then chickened out on. I'm less crazy about the highly praised second one, but then emo teens are not my thing, and I became a lot less interested when the story was about John than when it was about Sarah. Basically, I love Sarah and Kyle and the whole star-crossed/time-crossed love thing, and while I'd love to see another movie where Kyle gets to do stuff, he's not the real Kyle and this new guy doesn't seem to hold a candle to what Michael Biehn did in that role, so it wouldn't be like getting to see Kyle live again. I may just dig out my Blu-Ray and watch the real thing again for the zillionth time.

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