Wednesday, July 08, 2015

The Lady of the Levee

I only walked about 45 minutes this morning. My legs were somewhat unhappy with me last night after yesterday's epic walk, so I decided to give them a break. Also, while it wasn't unpleasantly hot, it was too windy to walk on the levee, anyway, so I stayed around the canals, below street level with less wind.

However, I think that if there is a nice windy, misty, gray day, I need to head over to the levee with my floaty white nightgown just before sunrise, then put on the gown, let down my hair, and walk back and forth on the levee in the morning mist with my hair and gown billowing in the wind. The neighborhood lake needs a good ghost legend. I should start rumors about the Lady of the Levee so people are primed for when she makes an appearance.

I really do try to think about the book I'm working on while I'm walking, but this sort of thing tends to come up, as well. Basically, exercise is good for creativity. And evil scheming.

I have most of the website redesign done. Most of what's left is redoing the photo galleries, which is going to entail finding the original photo CDs to make sure I have good-quality pictures. Somewhere along the way, the files on my hard drive seem to have been lost or corrupted, so I only have the versions that have already been altered for the web, and I'm doing something different with them that requires the original. I spent a frustrating evening last night singing along with the Mozart Requiem while digging through my hard drive and sorting things into folders. But this is the hard part. The rest will simply involve writing captions, and the software will do the rest. Then I just need to figure out what new content I'll need to add. I've been lax on putting up bonus features for the Fairy Tale books.

Maybe someday I should pay someone to do all this for me, but I've heard so many horror stories about web designers gone rogue who make it difficult or impossible to get updates done or who vanish with the passwords. The software I have makes it pretty easy. It just takes fiddling a bit to figure out how to do cool stuff with it.

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