Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Seeing Clearly

I had an eye exam this morning, and although I felt like my prescription must have changed, it really hasn't. The only difference is that while I have perfect close vision without glasses, my glasses to correct my distance vision keep my close vision from being good. If I got new glasses, they'd be the same as my current ones. So I guess I'll stick with my old glasses, and for activities where contact lenses are better, I have very weak reading glasses. I used to mostly wear contacts and used the glasses as a backup or at home, but now I mostly wear glasses unless I'm doing something active, like dancing, or outdoors where I need sunglasses.

So that's one thing off today's to-do list. I can spend the rest of the day writing. I figured out what to do with this ending, but that required rethinking my villain, and that's requiring another pass through the book to make subtle adjustments.

I suppose all this means I won't get to watch Sharknado 3 tonight. Bummer. I thought the first one was amusing in a ridiculous sort of way but didn't bother with the second. As for the third, it reminds me of something my mother used to say when I was a kid about attention-seeking behavior: "First time is funny, second time is silly, third time is a spanking."

And now I must get to work because tomorrow night there's a big event at the library, a steampunk book party with me, Rachel Caine, and P.N. Elrod. And then I'm going to ArmadilloCon on Friday. Which means I'd really like to finish this pass on the book today, then I can work on the new ending over the weekend and then I'll have a few days for a proofread.

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