Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Convention Recovery

I'm home from ArmadilloCon, and it was a really good weekend. Having a recent book release makes every convention better. I feel a little less like an impostor, less like I'm toiling away in obscurity (raging insecurities come with the territory of being an author). This is a more serious "literary" convention with a lot of focus on books and writing, so most of my panels were about the business of writing. I did get to moderate panels on the Hobbit book vs. movies and Game of Thrones books vs. TV series, and those were a lot of fun, very lively. The Game of Thrones panel, in particular, could have gone on for hours.

I was moderately social, given that I was trying to get some work done. I got a scene rewritten, with about a thousand new words, and got most of the rest of the book outlined. But I also spent a little time in the con suite, did some chatting in the lobby, hung out at the "meet the pros" reception on Friday evening, and visited some of the Saturday-night parties.

Still, I utterly collapsed when I got home yesterday, barely stirred from the sofa, still went to bed early, and then slept late. But I really must finish the book this week, so today will be a busy work day.

And then three weeks from today, I'm flying to Spokane for Worldcon. Getting the book off my plate this week will give me a chance to get my act together for that trip.

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