Thursday, July 09, 2015

An Epic Trip Down Memory Lane

I took a day off from walking because I woke up with my legs aching, and not just the muscles, but also the joints. I figured my body needed a rest, and it proved it when I went back to sleep right away.

I spent much of yesterday digging through boxes of photos. I finally recalled that I'd had to scan the photos from my initial Enchanted, Inc. research trip because I didn't get them on CD (this was way before I got a digital camera). Then I figured that if I was going to scan some photos, I could do more while I was at it, and in all the trips I've taken to New York, surely I'd have taken some pictures of other stuff that applies to other books. I did find a few new things, but otherwise, I seem to have a very bad habit of taking the same photo over and over again. Going back nearly twenty years, it seems like each trip to New York, I've photographed the same things. That does mean I have some nice seasonal comparisons -- the same bridge in Central Park in snow, in summer, in fall, and in spring. But I don't have a lot of variety.

I also found a lot of old photos of friends I've lost touch with and even forgotten. Oh dear, but there was a lot of 90s hair. I hadn't realized how much the early 90s were really just an extension of the 80s. The day was pretty much an epic excursion down memory lane.

Now I'm looking up vintage photos to illustrate some of the items in the steampunk book. The lovely thing about needing things from the 1800s is that the images are in the public domain, so even if I wasn't there to take photos, there are images I can use. There's also a lot of stuff I made up, so alas, there are no photos or drawings.

Meanwhile, the interviews continue. This one isn't specifically about the upcoming book, but it may still be interesting.

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