Wednesday, December 03, 2014

New Book Day

It's new book day! It looks like A Fairy Tale is up at both Amazon and B&N. The Audible version started showing up yesterday, but I'm not finding it again now, so I don't know what's up with that (hmm, it looks like it's currently just available as part of an Audible membership, not to purchase separately). At any rate, share and enjoy! And tell a friend (or 100).

I think I was wrong to blame my sore back on my writing marathon. I was trying to stay sort of mobile yesterday and was working on my ongoing organization project, which I did a fair amount of on Monday, and the position that I got into to work on it immediately triggered the pain, so I think that may be the problem. I need to sit and reach up instead of standing and bending over. Some rest and the heating pad have made things somewhat better, and I have no excuse for not writing much today. I mean, other than the obsessive need to keep checking my Amazon ranking. It's actually been pretty steady for the past couple of days. No huge surge, no huge drop.

Fortunately, I don't have children's choir tonight. I'm not sure I could deal with bending over to try to hear what little people are telling me. Most of the time they're so loud, but when they want to tell me something directly, they suddenly get really quiet.

Back to the book … It's been a long journey, from a glimmer of an idea in 2007 or so, to actively brainstorming, researching and writing starting in 2009, to a long time on hold and finally bringing it back to the surface to work on in 2012, to submitting it to publishers in 2013, and now to finally deciding to have faith in it and publish it myself. I just hope I'm not the only one who likes this oddball book.

If I didn't have bad allergies, I'd be totally tempted to adopt a bulldog and name him Beauregard. But I don't think I'd do well with a dog in the house and I'm rather fond of breathing. Instead, I guess I now have an imaginary pet. I get to write about him, but I don't have to vacuum up hair or take him on walks, and I don't have to listen to him snoring.

So, happy new book day to me, and new series day. I'm going to celebrate by writing and taking Tylenol.

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