Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Audiobook Day

It's audiobook day! Supposedly, A Fairy Tale was going to be released by Audible today, but I'm not finding it on Amazon. However, the mp3 CDs for the entire Enchanted Inc. series are available today. I imagine that most people these days just do the digital download and this is mostly for libraries, but if you want to request that your library get the series on audio, that would be cool.

Meanwhile, I got a good start on the new book yesterday, with more than 5,000 words written. I need to figure out what happens next, though, because things didn't quite happen the way I planned. A character showed up earlier than I expected, and that's going to make things interesting.

Today I may have to see if I can manage to write while sitting at my desk, in spite of the lure of the Internet. I must have been sitting in a bad position yesterday for all that writing because my upper back is stiff and sore this morning. I'm making myself sit with good posture in my desk chair, and I have a feeling that slouching on the sofa all afternoon would be a very bad idea. The last book I wrote mostly sitting at my desk was Don't Hex with Texas. Otherwise, I've taken a laptop to various places in the house.

Tomorrow is the Big Day of the New Book, the launch of my first new series, when I find out if readers are willing to follow me to something new or if they just want to read that one thing and don't want me to move on to anything else. I'm rather nervous about this. I think that people who like things like Enchanted, Inc. will like this, but it is different.

What's similar?
The heroines are small-town Southern girls in New York. There's a mix of real-world and fantasy elements. There's not really much swearing and no sex. There's a hint of potential romance. There's some humor.

What's different?
There are multiple viewpoints, and it's written in third-person rather than first-person narrative. I like writing first-person, but there was no way to make that work with this book because there are parallel plot lines and because I wanted to play with the difference between the way someone is perceived and the way someone really is on the inside. The heroines aren't quite the "girl next door" types that Katie was. The romance is more in the "potential" than in the "building" category. There are characters you might want to see together, but they're nowhere near ready to actually get together. While there's humor, it's not outright comedy. Much of the humor comes more from the characters' perspectives than from funny things actually happening.

So, if it seems like you might like this sort of thing, give it a shot. Then leave a review at your online bookseller of choice, Goodreads or wherever else you talk about books. It would also be nice if people would mention it on Twitter, Facebook, tumblr or wherever else you talk to people. It's harder to promote self-published books because a lot of book sites won't deal with them. This one is kind of a grey area because I am a traditionally published author and the audiobook is through a publisher instead of self-published, but it's probably not beneficial to try to split hairs with someone over their policies. Trying to be A Special Snowflake isn't likely to help my cause.

And for those who have preordered who may end up with a download on your Kindle at midnight, I really hope you enjoy it. I love this book in all its weirdness, so I hope others like it, too.

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