Thursday, December 18, 2014

Getting in the Spirit

I woke up thinking it was Friday. But it isn't. My brain is sadly confused. Not that Fridays make much of a difference for me, but there's still something about a Friday that is magical, so it's disappointing when it isn't one.

I always start the holiday season with a list of things I want to do for fun -- places to go, things to see. And I seldom do any of them. I'd considered making this a grand day out, to take the train to either downtown Dallas or downtown Fort Worth and do a Christmastime in the city kind of thing. But I wrenched my bad knee while making my bed yesterday (see, housework is bad for you), and while I can walk just fine today, I don't know that lots of walking would be the best idea ever. I may just go grocery shopping and hit the library. Whee! But I think tomorrow may be my Reading a Holiday-Set Book day. I have one I've put aside that I started reading this summer and then realized was set in December. I'll be really annoyed if it ends up entirely skipping over Christmas. There should be warning labels.

Saturday, I do have Christmas-related plans to look at lights and see the town that goes insane for Christmas. Then I have plans to spend Tuesday evening with my annual movie marathon, and two services Christmas Eve night. As I get older, that becomes more what's important to me at Christmas, with the gifts becoming more of an afterthought. I've even mentioned to my parents that instead of buying each other stuff, we could do the Angel Tree kind of thing, then write up what we bought for a kid and put that in a box and wrap it to open on Christmas. I think it would be more fun reading about what toys some kid got than actually getting something.

Though I might feel differently next year when I'm not in the process of streamlining my possessions before I move. I may need more things then and have places to put them. Right now, I can't fit anything else in my house and need to get rid of things.

For now, though, I think I need to clear my head and get into the spirit of things.

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