Friday, December 19, 2014


I had things I was planning to discuss today, but I got a very late start this morning and am rather distracted because as of this morning, I've cracked the Amazon top 100 in Kindle books (and am at the top of two category bestseller lists).

No, not with the new book, but with Enchanted, Inc., the nearly ten-year-old book. Random House dropped the price and did a BookBub ad. Last night, the ranking was in the top 150, and I stayed up very late to see what happened because I figured that night would be the peak, and then I got up this morning and it was at 99.

The rest of the books are rising, as well. It's kind of nice to essentially have my old publisher marketing the rest of my books for me.

I think this is the highest I've made it on any list, so it's worthy of celebration. I slept late (after being up so late) and then made sour cream and raisin scones (essentially Irish soda bread in scone form) for breakfast. I think today will be my "office party," which amounts to a day spent reading and drinking tea while I enjoy my Christmas decorations. I can even get to the chaise on the loft now that I've hauled three bags of books to the library to donate to the Friends of the Library book sale and boxed up some books I want to keep that don't currently fit on the available bookcases.

Tonight it may be time to dig into the Christmas movies that are available OnDemand. I had planned a discussion of the ones I've watched so far, but I may write that up over the weekend and post next week.

Now to enjoy my momentary status as a "bestselling" author.

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