Friday, December 05, 2014

More Fairy Tale Stuff

I think I got myself back on track yesterday. I didn't get the word count I wanted, but I figured out the scene I was working on and did a little backtracking to make a better transition. I now know the next few scenes to write, too. The early part of a book can either go quickly because it's all pent up or it can be a slow discovery process.

It looks like all the book versions are up on the major sites, and Amazon now has the paperback (which turned out really pretty!), e-book and audio versions linked on the same page.

In case you're interested, here's some info on the reader for the audio version (I don't know if they include this in the audio book, but I thought it was interesting):
Suzy Jackson is an actress and voice-over artist whose voice has been heard on numerous audiobooks, commercials, video games, and cartoons, including The Winx Club, Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon Chronicles, and Chaotic. Suzy has performed on stage with The Aquila Theater Company, New York Classical, CAP 21, and The Classical Studio. Film work includes To Be Perfectly Honest opposite John Turturro and Spike Lee’s She Hate Me. Suzy is also a teaching artist with Opening Act, a nonprofit organization that brings free theater programs to NYC’s most under-served public high schools.

And if you want more info or to see more work from Kirbi Fagan, the artist who did the cover, here's her web site.

And speaking of fairy tale stuff, there are two movies that I'm looking forward to.

First, the movie version of Into the Woods. I'm a little nervous about this because I love the stage show (and I have the DVD of the original production that was shown on PBS in the early 90s), but the trailer looks pretty good:

We'll just see how much of the singing does or doesn't make me cringe.

And then there's the live-action Disney version of Cinderella. It looks lovely, and it's directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Now I kind of want them to give this treatment to Sleeping Beauty. Just imagine a live-action version of snarky Prince Philip fighting a dragon …

I've barely seen any movies this year because there haven't been a lot that interested me all that much, but this stuff will lure me to the theater.

And now, it's cookie day, in which I bake my annual batch of Spritz cookies for the church cookie sale, in between writing bouts.

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