Thursday, December 04, 2014

Back to Work

It's Book Day Plus One, and it seems to be going pretty well -- not necessarily burning up the bestseller lists but rising steadily, and people who've mentioned reading it seem to like it. My back is almost back to normal, and I suppose all this means I need to get back to work. I wrote most of a scene yesterday, only to realize the scene was all wrong. It was a nice enough scene (and I could see it playing out in the movie in my head), but I don't think it needs to be what's happening at this point. I'm not really sure what does need to be happening at this point. I will have to do some serious thinking.

So today's exciting plan is to walk to the Indian market to restock on tea (and possibly get some British chocolate), which might work as a meditative exercise for brainstorming. Then I need to figure out what to write and write it. I also have to clean the kitchen for tomorrow's cookie-baking extravaganza for the church cookie sale. All this means I'll probably be working at least some of the day on Saturday because I'm way behind.

I suppose I should decorate my Christmas tree at some point. The tree is up, but it's bare. I also need to get out the Nativity scene and clear off a spot on a table or counter for the Christmas cookie jar.

Or I could sit at my desk all day and check my Amazon rankings. Not that I'm obsessing, or anything.

But since it looks like it will rain soon, I'd better get up and head to get tea. Not that I'm in danger of having a tealess crisis. I just won't have my usual plain black loose tea. I think I may get some cinnamon sticks and lemons while I'm out, since those make for a good non-caffeinated hot beverage. Actually, I can go nuts in the spice section of this market. This store is on my list of the reasons I want to stay in this neighborhood when I buy a new house.

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