Monday, July 21, 2014

The Traveler Returns

I am now home from my adventures and tempted to embark on my second nap of the day, but I may just sit and read and then go to bed early. I was up at 3:15 Eastern, which is 2:15 my time, to catch the 4 a.m. airport shuttle for a 6:20 flight. I would have been home by nine, but the choke point in the journey is the fact that the bus from the train station to my neighborhood runs only once an hour, and my train came in about five minutes too late, so I spent most of the hour sitting at the station and reading. The bus was really full, so maybe ridership will spur them to increase the number of trips. As it was, I was home about 9:45, in time to eat some breakfast and then take a nap. I was going to force myself to work today, and then I decided that I'd planned it as a travel day, and if a more favorable flight had been available, I'd have spent most of the day in transit. As it is, I just have more time to rest between the travel and going back to "normal." And I'm enough of a zombie that I don't think trying to edit would be a great idea.

I had a good convention, on the whole. I managed to do some fun stuff in addition to my "obligation" stuff. One of those things was attending a demonstration on Western European sword fighting that turned out to involve audience participation. With live steel that had a very sharp blade. The guy running the demo figured out that I was a former fencer and let me do some minor sparring. I'd never handled a broadsword before, and this was a left-handed sword, which was different, but it was a very cool feeling.

I also went to a filk singalong, where I finally got to hear some of the songs I hear talked about a lot. Since I don't play an instrument I can accompany myself with, don't know any of the songs and still have a bit of stage fright, a filk circle is kind of scary, but they did a session where they just had everyone sing along, campfire style, and that was fun. Business-wise, I got some good networking done and may have come up with a solution to the problem book cover.

I broke my streak of eating along a river at the end of a convention because the riverside restaurant was really pricey and wasn't actually on the river. It was across the street from the river. Instead, I decided to see at least a little bit of Detroit and took the People Mover to Greektown and had some Greek food.

Now this week I need to get back into copyedits, and then I leave town on Friday for ArmadilloCon.

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