Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Content and Stuff

I actually have my act moderately together. I'm packed except for the things I need to use between now and the morning, and it did all fit into two tote bags. One bag has the clothes, etc., and the other has stuff like the computer, phone, purse, knitting, a book, etc. If I get absolutely desperate, I think both will fit under the seat, but because the clothes bag isn't at all rigid, it can get jammed into overhead bins in spaces where rollaboard suitcases won't fit, which was my reason for doing this. Also, when you don't have the frame and wheels, the bag is a lot lighter to lift. Next time I go to New York, I'll try to pack this way because getting up and down stairs and through turnstiles is so much easier without wheeled luggage, as long as the luggage is reasonably lightweight. If I can do this for a six-day trip, I should be able to manage easily for a couple of nights.

So now I just have to do some final laundry (sheets and towels) and tidy the house so I don't cringe upon reentering the house. And then I may even try to get some writing work done or otherwise relax instead of running around the house like a madwoman. That was yesterday's fun, all those "where did I put that thing I last saw last year at Worldcon?" moments.

When I get done with the summer conventions, I have some ideas for blog content. Would there be any interest in a kind of "DVD commentary" on my books, like me going chapter-by-chapter to discuss where various elements came from or what I was thinking (if I can remember it) and answering questions?

What about doing a rewatch discussion of a TV series? Jenny Crusie has been analyzing Leverage from a writing perspective, and I've found that interesting. Would someone like to see me do that for something else?

My current somewhat regular features are the Book Reports of things I've read and the how-to writing discussions. I do the writing discussion every other Wednesday (though I'm skipping this week because I'll be traveling), and I usually do the Book Reports on Tuesdays, if I have something to discuss.

Blogging seems to be less of a thing now, so I'm trying to keep it somewhat fresh and interesting. I may eventually delve into Twitter, but I wouldn't count on ever seeing me on tumblr because I just don't get it.

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Angie said...

I would love the DVD commentary on your books!