Thursday, July 10, 2014

Packing Decisions

I feel like I've accomplished a lot already today, and it's still morning. The dishes are done, the trash is out, the bed is made and the house is generally more or less tidy, though the sofa's a bit of a rat's nest, as it's piled with manuscript pages and knitting projects. I've also taken care of a lot of items on my pre-travel to-do list. I'm trying to decide if I want to go to the store to get supplies today or wait until tomorrow morning.

My plans for extremely light packing have been somewhat thwarted by the weather forecast, since it's apparently going to be fairly cool in Detroit. I've never been there, so I don't know what a particular temperature feels like there. On my last trip to New York, I felt like the day I arrived was rather warm -- very much summer weather. I got back to my hotel room and cranked up the AC, then watched the local news. They teased the weather forecast by talking about how the forecast high for the day was way off. It had been in the mid-80s, which is rather cool for that time of year here, so I figured it had gone into the 90s instead. But then it turned out the temperature was much lower than expected, not even reaching 80. If it's below 80 here, I don't turn on the AC and I may even need a sweater. I'm not out buying ice pops in the park. So I don't know if Detroit will be like that and 75 will feel like 90 or if it will really feel like 75. I was planning to bring skirts and short-sleeved tops and a cardigan that goes with all of them, but I may throw in a couple of pairs of tights, and I may wear long pants instead of capris to travel so I can always switch out if it's cooler than I expected. Not that I'll be leaving the hotel much, but I also don't know how they air condition there, if it's reasonable or like the hotel in Houston, where I'm planning to bring my winter coat to next summer's convention.

I've been given a Kaffeeklatsch session at the Detroit convention, which is new for me. I guess the idea is that people can just come and sit and chat. That could be fun, or could be a total flashback to high school, sitting alone at a cafeteria table while everyone else sits with the popular kids (the reason I spent my freshman year lunch periods in the library). So, if you'll be there, drop by and say hi. I'll bring my knitting and it can turn into a stitch and bitch session.

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