Friday, July 18, 2014

Day One

I'm gearing myself up (and trying to get my hair to dry) before my second day of Detcon. Yesterday I had a reading, and there were even people I don't know in the room! Then there was the children's session, which I ended up winging because the kids were tired and cranky and not really up to organized activities. I put on music and everyone just danced around. I also learned a new version of musical chairs that I may want to use with my choir kids in the fall. Today, I'm a bit sore and creaky from an hour of dancing, but it was probably good for me, considering the way I've been eating. Today I will make it my mission to find a salad or some kind of vegetable.

Today I've got a panel and my first kaffeeklatsch session at a con this big. I've only done one before at a smaller local con. I know some friends are coming, so I won't feel entirely like the nerdy kid in the cafeteria whom no one wants to sit with. I seem to have lots of opportunities to gain new readers here because I don't seem to be too well-known here. It's an entirely new world to conquer!

I actually made it almost to midnight at parties last night, then managed to sleep late, thanks to figuring out how to completely close my curtains. My windows face almost directly east, so I really get the morning sun, and yesterday I didn't have the curtains set right.

There's a mass autographing tonight that's supposedly a rather loose thing -- not necessarily sit behind a table, but move around and snag the authors you want to find. I don't necessarily function well in that kind of environment, so we'll see how that goes.

Otherwise, there are sessions I want to attend where I hope to learn things.

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