Friday, July 11, 2014

Procrastination and Accomplishment

I have discovered that the key to productivity in some areas is procrastination in others. I've taken care of most of my pre-travel to-do items while mulling over some book things I need to work on. Now I need to get back to the book work, though I did load up on cleaning supplies at Target this morning, so I'll be ready for the post-travel, post-book(s) cleaning frenzy that may be coming (unless it wears off once I no longer have something else I'm procrastinating on).

It's a good thing I was checking the convention schedule, as I've apparently been added to some items I wasn't aware of. I'd offered to help with children's programming, and they're having me help with a music and movement session. I'll load some of my children's choir favorites onto my phone and bring my ballet slippers. Then there's an additional panel that, oddly enough, I'd written down as something I planned to attend. So now I have two panels, a reading, a Kaffeeklatsch and a children's session. And I've realized that the convention is taking place in a riverside complex, so I can continue my tradition of having a riverside dinner at the end of the convention.

Meanwhile, my house is relatively tidy (downstairs -- upstairs is a lost cause). The grout in the bathroom is currently being bleached (I had an obsessive moment). I've obtained everything I need for my trip, including some frozen food I can have when I return so I don't have to deal with anything that first day. Tomorrow, I'm making blueberry waffles or pancakes (haven't decided which) to freeze for a late breakfast when I get home, since my flight arrives at 8 a.m. I don't really have much else to do but write and practice a reading selection for the convention.

That means I may make it through a relatively social weekend, with events on both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday is supposedly a barbecue and pool party, but I don't know how many people are actually going to swim or if it'll just be the kids. If I'm going to be wearing a swimsuit in daylight in front of people, everyone better have sunglasses because the glare off my skin will be blinding.

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