Monday, July 07, 2014

Now, That's a Holiday!

I had a remarkably productive holiday weekend. I got through a read-through of the book, with a little editing. I don't think it'll take any major rewriting (though I may find out otherwise when my agent notices something I didn't), though once I'm done with copyedits on another book, I'll take another look at the second half. I did find a fair number of typo type errors because I was apparently in the zone and just frantically writing. In fact, there were a few spots where I got caught up in the suspense when reading and didn't remember what happened next even though I wrote it and not that long ago.

Meanwhile, I cleared a lot of the clutter from the bar in the living room where mail goes to die. And I cleared off the Chair of Doom from my bedroom, where things that I wore once for about an hour to go to the grocery store sit to wait for another short outing rather than going back to the closet or into the laundry hamper. And then pile up over time until it's easy to lose track of the chair itself.  I finally accepted that it's July and threw all the sweaters and sweatshirts from the Chair of Doom into the laundry basket so I can wash and then stash away in the Space Bags.

And yet, with all that work, I feel somewhat energized. I think I needed a good extended period of alone time and a weekend with nothing scheduled other than church. I'm trying to use having to get up for yesterday's early service as a jump-start to ease my body clock toward eastern time so dealing with a convention next week won't be such a shock to my system.

Today I will be moderately social as I'm having lunch with a former coworker who's going to work at a place where I used to work, so I will be sharing all the scoop. There might also be some shopping. And then I have copyedits to tackle, along with a lengthy to-do list.

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