Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I'll return to the Wednesday writing posts next week when I'm back home for a while. Right now, I'm too scattered to think of good material, and I'm sure I'll pick up a few ideas at this conference.

I found my new purse yesterday -- just the right size, good side pockets for things I might need to reach for often without having to open the main section where the wallet goes, both handles and a detachable shoulder strap. I might even be able to fit a slim paperback book in one of the side pockets. And while I was out, I found a new dress I couldn't resist. I hadn't even planned to go into that department, but I did just on a whim, and there it was, a knit dress of the roll it up and throw it in a bag variety, my favorite color, a really interesting design and in my size. So that's what I'll be wearing for the conference. I'll wear the black knit dress I was planning to wear to the conference to travel on Thursday.

Next week, I plan to get to work on those book revisions that got put on hold by travel and copyedits. Then I have a week of music and art camp, but in my spare time I plan to engage in a cleaning, decluttering and organizing frenzy. And then I'll get some repairs and replacements done, like the dishwasher and the upstairs toilet. I'm looking at giving myself a "staycation" extending over the Labor Day weekend.

But during this time I have some plans. One is to try writing a short story. For real this time. I want to have something new to read at FenCon, and if it's any good I may even try submitting it. I've been reading a lot of short stories during travel (all those Fantasy and Science Fiction magazines I keep getting at conventions are good for that -- if there's a story I want to keep, I can tear it out, but otherwise I can toss the magazine when I'm done with it), so I think I'm starting to get a sense of the pacing. And then I have some non-fiction plans that tie into promotional activities. The Plan for World Domination may get some updating. And then I'll start brainstorming and researching the sequel to the steampunk book.

In other news, my viewing (and snarking) of Sharknado 2 will have to wait for the weekend (or later) because I want to get to bed early tonight and be rested for tomorrow, and I don't think that impossible weather events in the city I'm heading to will be conducive to that. Not really for nightmare reasons, but for mental rewriting reasons.

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