Friday, February 28, 2014

Oh Beloved Library!

Friday!!! Not that it means that much to me anymore, but still, Grimm is back at last, and that's a reason to look forward to Fridays.

I was kind of a slacker this week, but I got my work time in yesterday. I was making good progress in rewriting the first half of the book to fit with what I realized the story was all about when I hit a scene that needed a lot of work, and then the changes ended up putting one of my main characters in a real dilemma. He's surrounded by a group of beings who are becoming allies, and then they're attacked by an enemy group of the same kind of beings. He's armed to fight this kind of being, but anything widespread he does to fend off the attackers will also hurt his allies. That kind of rock/hard place dilemma is wonderful for fiction, but it's really hard to write. I spent quite a bit of time last night trying to think my way out of the situation. I may have a solution. We shall see.

Tomorrow morning, our renovated neighborhood library reopens, and I think I will have to go over for the ribbon-cutting/opening celebration, even if it means interacting with (ugh) politicians. I might possibly trample the mayor on my way into the newly opened building, where I will immediately fling myself on the nearest bookshelf and sob, "Never leave me again, oh beloved library."

Or maybe not. I don't usually go in much for dramatics, but this is a library, so it's a special case.

And the fact that I'm going to pick up some reserved books today will not at all dampen my enthusiasm. Yeah, I could wait until tomorrow, but I finished my last book last night, so this is a crisis.

And then once I pry my fingers away from the bookshelf, I may go to the Irish festival downtown for some good Celtic music fun. That almost counts as work research. It should be a nice day for it before we get yet another cold front with a possibility of sleet.

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