Monday, March 03, 2014

Weather Whiplash

It's 99 cent Enchanted, Inc. week! The price has dropped for both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I don't know how long this is supposed to last. The prices for books 5, 6 and 7 have also been lowered, since we're at "paperback" time. It would be really cool if during this special promotion I could manage to hit at least the top 150 at USA Today so I could call myself a "bestselling" author, but since it was still in the 6,000 range at Amazon the last time I checked, I won't get my hopes too high. I know that if you're reading this, you've probably already got a copy, but any tweeting, blogging, holding friends at gunpoint to make them buy multiple copies, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

We had bizarro Texas weather this weekend. I spent both Saturday and Sunday drinking tea and reading. On Saturday, I was sitting on the porch, listening to birds singing. On Sunday, I was huddled under blankets on the sofa, listening to sleet rattling against my windows. The high on Saturday was around 80. At around 7:30 on Sunday morning, it was 30, and it dropped from there. It's still really cold today. School was cancelled around the area because of ice and sleet on the roads, but the roads near me look pretty clear. There is ice on my sidewalk, though.

Fortunately, I don't have to go anywhere today. I just have work to do. I realized that in addition to the rewrite putting the character in a tricky position, the initial draft had been more "telling" than "showing" and then I realized that was because I didn't have a clear image in my mind of what was happening. I had a list of things that were happening, but didn't see them. So, before I let myself read on the patio on Saturday, I sat on the patio and brainstormed. I also wrote the song the characters in the scene are singing. Now to put that in the book.

Since the bad weather didn't start until Sunday morning, I was able to get to the library opening, and I did not trample the mayor. She was a little eager to get inside, herself. I'll have to get used to the shelves being in different places. I used to be able to just zoom in to whatever I wanted, but everything is different now. I can't tell if the adult areas are any bigger. Most of the expansion was in the children's and teen sections. I'm just so glad to have the library back, and am glad that I had books before it started sleeting.

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