Monday, March 24, 2014

Onward with the Week!

I got a late start this morning after a knitting disaster of epic proportions kept me up way too late last night. It was one of those cases where trying to undo a little mistake led to even worse mistakes, and that meant going back to a particular point where I could regroup and start again. I'm on no deadline for the current project. It's mostly something I'm doing for the sake of doing it, so the setback isn't a huge issue, but it was still a frustrating thing.

Ah well, I did get other stuff accomplished over the weekend. Friday I started diving into revisions and found that my editor had some good points. Then I managed to get a scene written in the other book. Saturday and Sunday I did a lot of baking, so I have bread and scones in the freezer.

That means I'm ready to dive into the week and make real progress on both projects. I should set up a reward system for if I meet certain goals for the week. Anything to get me through all this project juggling. And if I can manage to juggle multiple projects, then maybe I can get over my all-or-nothing mentality when I only have one writing project going.

In other news, I need to start making my summer convention decisions. I've accepted an invitation to ArmadilloCon in Austin, and I'm seriously considering the North American Science Fiction Convention, DetCon, in Detroit (sort of the US answer to WorldCon when WorldCon is overseas). I have books coming out that need to be promoted, and I have money again (yay!). It's hard to wrap my mind around that.

But first, I have to get one of those books written.

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