Friday, March 21, 2014

Sanctioned Procrastination and Progress

I got a start on making progress yesterday. I think I've worked out some ways to deal with the revisions, and I planned and got started on the next scene I'm writing in the other book. There was a minor rabbit trail, as the editor for the steampunk book e-mailed me and said she wants to put a map in the book. That led to me trying to find a map that fits the time period and place that I can mark story locations on and give to the art department. Since the street layout in Manhattan hasn't changed that much since the 1880s (and any disparities can be blamed on alternate history), I ended up hitting Google Maps and printing three pages that I spliced together to get all of Manhattan at the level of detail I need. I'll compare the general shape of the island to my historical atlas of New York to see when the various landfills were done (which changed the shape of the tip). Then I'll outline the key points in dark marker and trace over it to create a fresh map I can put my locations on.

I considered this editor-sanctioned procrastination. I needed to have the map before I start revisions because as I come across a location in the book, I need to be able to mark it on the map. I may have to work to resist the urge to learn a period-appropriate calligraphy and do a lovely antique-looking map, since I'm sure the art department will do their own thing. But it might be fun to have as an office decoration.

The plan for the day is to do maybe a chapter of revisions, then go to the library (I have books to return/pick up), then work a while on the new book. And then after Grimm I'm going to try to do one of my good old Friday-night marathons -- make some tea, put on some music and write until I can't stay awake anymore. When I was in my 20s, I could make it to 2 in the morning. Now, I might hit midnight.

Saturday is supposed to be rainy, or at least cloudy, and I may do what I did last weekend, alternating writing, reading and housework sessions. The Nebula voting deadline is approaching, and I still have tons of books to read.

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