Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Work of Daydreaming

It doesn't look like I'll have my dream of hitting a bestseller list on the basis of this one promotion, as I'm now sliding in the rankings, but it still helps improve exposure overall, which is good. The next book in the series is creeping up in the rankings, so some people may be moving on to the rest. By the way, the cheap price on the first book is only available for the e-book in North America. The publisher doesn't have the rights outside North America. I'm working on getting English-language e-books available in the rest of the world. I doubt they'll be in the 99 cents range because there are expenses to cover in getting the artwork, cover design, formatting and all that, but they'll be available at what I hope is a reasonable price for non-American readers. Stay tuned for release dates.

In the meantime, I'm still plugging away at the current project. This article on making yourself work came across my news feed at a particularly good time. I'd embroider the tips on a throw pillow to remind myself constantly, but that would be a massive procrastination project and I need to be writing.

On the other hand, the creative brain does work in strange ways, as seen in another article I came across. Daydreaming does count as work! In fact, it's vital to the work I do because I kind of have to see the movie of a scene in my head before I can write it. Much of my work day consists of staring into space, watching mental movies, and then trying to capture what I've just seen in words. That's been part of the problem with the pieces I've been rewriting lately. I had tried to write the scenes without seeing the mental movie first.

I know today's going to be a low-productivity day because of choir stuff and some errands I need to run on the way there. It may even be a mostly mental movie watching day because I have stuff to figure out, since I changed the main plot for one of the characters.

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