Monday, March 31, 2014

Sooo Much to Do!

I was unusually social this weekend, getting together with a friend Friday night, then a choir retreat and a Frozen viewing party with some of the choir on Saturday. Which means that today will be mostly a hibernation day, though I may take a walk to the library for the exercise and because I have the new Terry Pratchett book on hold and must go pick it up. Guess what I'll be doing next weekend. Yes, I have that much self-restraint. I want to be able to enjoy it properly, so it will be a reward for meeting my goals this week.

If I'm very good, I'll finish this round of revisions on the steampunk book in the next few days, then I'll let it rest and work on the other book and do some business-type stuff before I do another round of tinkering. I slacked off late last week and now have to get back on track.

I also learned on Saturday that I have to work on the singing daily because singing that high well requires regular conditioning. No one else could tell I was struggling in my solo in the Saturday rehearsal, but it didn't feel good for me. So, daily scales at the very least.

This is when I need to make specific daily to-do lists in order to not panic about how much I need to do. I can do the necessary daily tasks without worrying about the big picture, which would just stress me out.

So, off to tackle the list!

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