Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Onward, ho!

It's kind of sad when you're looking at sleep as a great achievement, but I managed to really sleep last night without any medical help at all. That must mean I'm somewhat on the mend. I was never really, really sick, but being at a low level of not entirely well for weeks is possibly worse and more annoying than being truly sick for a few days and then getting over it. If I'd had a regular job, I probably would have had to go to work, but I would have felt lousy while doing so. I did get my work done at home, so I suppose I would have managed in an office. I'm not sure about getting up in time to be at an office at eight, though, since I was often sleeping until ten after a night of coughing. Reason number about three zillion why I have to keep making this writing thing work. I'm not sure I could cope with going back to having a regular job. There would be tears.

I spent yesterday re-reading the book so far to get myself into that headspace and to remind myself of what's happened. There was one big question that came up in my second half plotting where I really wasn't sure what I'd written. Now I have that answer. There are a few things I want to adjust in the first part, now that I've revisited it. Then onward-ho!

A couple of little news items:

The Dutch publisher is going to reissue the first three books in e-books and possibly in an omnibus edition. If this does well, they may consider publishing the rest of the series in translation. So if you're a Dutch reader and want the rest of the series, I guess you need to nag people about trying it.

Speaking of nagging people to try … Random House seems to have dropped the e-book price of the first book to 3.99, so if you've been trying to get someone hooked but they only buy cheap e-books, here's the chance. Unfortunately, the other books have the slightly higher price, but they're all still within the mass-market paperback range rather than the trade paperback range they used to be, so once they've given book one a try, maybe they'll be willing to continue. The first book is already back on one of the category bestseller lists. It would be funny if that nearly ten-year-old book suddenly started selling well enough to be a true bestseller, now, after all this time.

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