Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Priorities Come First

Ah, back on track. I met my writing time quota and got past the scene that was blocking me. Today I've already taken care of a couple of nagging errands I was procrastinating on severely and bought groceries. That means I can devote the afternoon to another task I've been procrastinating on and get some writing done. Then tonight I have ballet and I may stay for the jazz class to make up some of the classes I've missed.

I guess I need to needlepoint a throw pillow to remind me that priorities should come first. Any time I let myself get caught up in other stuff before I do the things I'm supposed to do, I never get around to doing the things I'm supposed to do. Duh. The fun things should be a reward for finishing my work, not what I get bogged down in to the point that I don't get around to my work.

And I'm not allowed to use designing a needlepoint (or, more likely, cross-stitch) pattern saying "Priorities Come First" as a way of procrastinating.

I also need to make some time for marketing activities because there are some potentially fun things about to come about, and maximizing the opportunity will take some supreme evil scheming. I may even allow myself to be obnoxious for a week or two.

Oh, and I've got a convention this weekend. The big event I'm involved in is a Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate. The guest of honor is Kevin J. Anderson, and he's heading up team Star Wars. I can argue either side, as I've been a very long-time fan of both, but I ended up as head of team Star Trek. I'll have to take a good look at the parameters to see exactly what I have to argue, but I figure just about any argument can be won here with one word: Prequels. Enough said. Though I guess they could strike back with Voyager and Enterprise, or with the one word "salamanders."

I'll also be doing a reading from the new series that I'll be releasing later this year (the one with the kick-ass ballerina heroine). Now I just have to find a fun scene I can read in about fifteen minutes.

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