Thursday, February 27, 2014

Avoiding Idiot Plotholes

I had a minor success with the kids last night. The next song we're doing for church is rather slow and kind of boring, so I was worried that they wouldn't be into it. And they weren't, really. But then I had them dance to different songs at different tempos to let them see the difference in the way you move to fast and slow tempos, and I snuck that one in again. It's a slow waltz, and I was really surprised that a few of them even picked up on that and held hands with each other to do a waltz (or at least pretend to dance like in a ballroom) -- and then they asked to do it again when the song ended. On the other hand, one thing I thought they'd get into flopped big-time. After next week, I get a break because of spring break, and then we're into the final run up to the end of the year. I have a feeling we'll have attention issues because we're having a jazz pancake supper before the Ash Wednesday service, and the supper (with a jazz band playing) starts about fifteen minutes before choir ends. We may go listen (and dance) to the jazz if it's loud enough to be distracting.

I've been low on productivity this week, but today I have no excuses. I did my errands (car safety inspection and grocery shopping) this morning and I don't have to go anywhere tonight. I have to fix a scene because I forgot to check the sunset times for that date and location and I'd established what one of the characters in the scene does after dark, so now I have to move the setting and context slightly, and I think it will make for a more interesting scene. But it is annoying to get to the end of a scene and go "oh, wait, what time is it?" I'd already had to change things after going back and re-reading the previous scenes because I'd forgotten who knew what, and I had characters discussing something that it turned out neither of them knew. Fortunately, it helped that neither of them knew because I'd have had to patch an idiocy plothole if they did know and didn't realize earlier what was going on.

I may need to start keeping an easy-to-reference file of all the plot elements, who knows about them, when they learned and how they learned. Or I could write faster so I don't forget what was in the last scene.

Now I'm going to go make some chicken noodle soup.

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