Thursday, October 24, 2013

Switching Gears

I survived the kids again last night, and now I have two weeks off before I have to face them again. Not that I'm counting. We made tissue ghost puppets -- wrap a Kleenex around a cotton ball, tie with string, then attach string to a popsicle stick -- and made them dance. Three of the little girls spent the entire time coloring their ghosts (the markers were for making faces, but if they wanted a pink ghost, then I guess that was okay). The boys made their ghosts attack the teen helper. She's a pretty good fit for me. A couple of weeks ago, she wore a Doctor Who t-shirt. Last night, she had to leave early to go to a booksigning. That's definitely behavior I want to encourage.

I think I got a good start on putting together a collection of mood music for book revisions, and I still have ideas brewing. I hope to maybe even get a start on reviewing the book and tackling some of the revision suggestions today, but I do need to do a grocery run, and I have to do some baking for a Halloween party this weekend. And meanwhile, I'm still frantically knitting to finish my cape before Octopodicon. A weekend immersed in steampunk at that convention should be good for getting me in the right mindset to plunge into revising the book in earnest, but I want to have at least the first chapter revised before the convention so I can have a closer to "final" version to read at the convention.

However, after what I hope will be a productive Friday afternoon, I'll get my good night of TV because I'll be finishing my rewatch of Grimm in time for the season premiere, and then there's Haven. I'm not planning to watch the NBC Dracula because I found the promo trailer boring. If you can't hold my attention for two minutes in what should be the highlights of the series, I don't have high hopes for that series. Even the Victorian costumes weren't enough to hold my attention.

Now to do some baking and then some writing work ...

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