Friday, October 11, 2013

An Enchanted Anniversary

Today is a Getting Things Done Day. So far, I've taken care of several errands, including taking out the recycling, getting weatherstripping for the front door at Home Depot, doing a Target run and picking up a few grocery items for planned menus. One of the things I got at Target was an extendable microfiber duster. I was going to get one of those Swiffer extend things, but there was a much sturdier one with a longer reach and a washable/reusable duster, so I went with that instead. I've already used it to dust the ledge where my suit of armor stands, and I made a start on the bizarre ledge in my bedroom where the bathroom has a partial ceiling but the area between it and the sloping roof ceiling is open. I got some epic dust bunnies down from there, which could explain my constant allergies and the reason that room gets so dusty all the time. I barely got started before I had to wash the duster. Maybe some other time I'll bring the big ladder in from the garage so I can see what I'm doing. At the very least, I must have made some dent in it with just the stepladder, and I may be able to keep the worst of it down if I do this on a regular basis. Then at the grocery store, I scored a manager's special deal on some fresh tamales, and there was some fun mutual rejoicing with the other lady who found them at the same time. I restrained myself from stocking up because my freezer is already full.

My next Getting Things Done task will be to finally write the scene I've been procrastinating about for more than a week. I seem to have some kind of block regarding this scene because although I have a pretty good sense of what happens, I can't seem to make myself write it. I'll just stare at the computer, then get distracted, then come up with some task I really need to do before I write it. But I have decided that it will be written today. I'm going to set an alarm for 3 this afternoon, and at that point, I have to sit down and write this scene, and not get up until it's written. Before that, I can brainstorm, mind map, try to create a musical soundtrack for it, find the theme song, do housework, post on the Internet, or whatever. But at 3, I WILL write this scene. I'm not sure why I'm procrastinating, other than that it's a pivotal scene and I want it to go right.

Then I'll let myself enjoy the weekend. I actually deserve some kind of celebration this weekend because Sunday marks the 10-year anniversary of the day I started writing Enchanted, Inc. Before that, I'd done research, outlining, character development, plotting and had even written the first few lines. But October 13, 2003, was the day I sat down and started writing pages. According to my calendar, I wrote 18 pages that day.

This could explain why I currently don't have ideas for more stories. Ten years is a long time to work in a single universe, a long time to spend with a group of characters. I love that story and those people, but I'm ready to move on. For now. It's possible that I'll come to miss them and want to revisit them.

Now to go get a few more things done before the Writing Hour strikes.

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