Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Coming Attractions

I'm more mobile today -- mobile enough to make a grocery store/library run, but probably not mobile enough for ballet. The knee no longer really hurts, and I can walk normally, but it's still stiff and not quite up to anything more than ordinary walking, so I think I'm going to continue taking it easy. Heat seems to help, so I will probably spend much of the day with the heat wrap thing wrapped around it. I mostly got caught up with last week's TV yesterday, so today I might try doing some writing, if I can make my brain focus. I might need one more day of winding down mentally.

I had semi-joked about wanting next weekend to be rainy so I can have a good stay-at-home-and-relax time, but now it looks like I'm really going to get it. It won't also be a good cold snap like we had last weekend, but at least it should be nice and gray for curling up with a good book or two, listening to music and maybe doing some book brainstorming.

And now my brain has gone totally blank. I'm afraid that I don't have the mental energy for the meaty posts that are brewing after the weekend, but I don't really know of anything else to say.

On second thought, there may not be writing today.

Some discussion you might look forward to in the future:
"White hat" heroes vs. "black hat" heroes (I'm already doing some of this in my writing posts, but you can expect a lot more discussion here)
Why folklore makes a good basis for fantasy fiction, and which areas are still there to be tapped
How fantasy is evolving and how that evolution is marketed (and accepted -- or not)
What's cool on TV now

A final word of advice: If you're playing improv games and the one comes up where you're expected to make up lyrics on the fly, and you can't even write lyrics when given ample time, a big, high note to back up someone else finishing the song always works.

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