Friday, October 04, 2013

Convention Time!

I'm getting ready to head to FenCon. It was a little unnerving when they were still working on the hotel yesterday afternoon as we were setting up. They'd done a major remodeling project that was supposed to be done by this weekend, but there were still rooms that were gutted and they were still running electrical wires and hanging light fixtures late into the night. It will be exciting to see how much is done this morning. I was up there until nearly 11, helping hang things from the ceiling in the main ballroom and setting up some of the stage lighting, after spending much of the afternoon helping test microphones and slicing things in the hospitality suite. I guess I was trying to see how many departments I could be involved with.

I've got some cookies in the oven now, and then I have to go over early to provide some Mac tech support to one of the guests. I just took a really good look at my programming schedule, other than glancing at it to see that I had programming, and my, but I'll be busy. I've got panels on Doctor Who, Star Trek, fantasy in general, other TV stuff, heroes and villains, etc. They're also doing a geeky version of Whose Line is it Anyway that I somehow got drafted for. I don't think well on my feet (I need a lot of pondering time), so that should be interesting.

And now I'd better get dressed and get over there so I can pretend to play computer guru. A full report on convention fun will be coming next week.

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