Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Emergency Yarn Run, Part 2

I had to make yet another emergency yarn run this morning. I'd already used 300 more yards than the pattern called for, and I wasn't yet done. Now I know to up the estimates for anything in this book.

Meanwhile, I resolved my convention issue. Someone else going to the convention let me know that they actually did want panelists to request more panels. That goes against the grain for me because I'm used to the programming people at the convention I work on having conniptions about problem panelists who start making lots of requests after the program is set. Apparently, this convention had some issues that left them scrambling, so they ended up letting people more or less program themselves. It seems like that would make more work, but on the other hand, it allows panelists to avoid the Law Of Convention Programming and make sure they're not opposite something else they want to do. It's nice to see when something is scheduled and what's opposite it before you say you want to do a panel. So I now have three more panels.

And while I was at the craft shop, I got supplies for making something to give away for promos that I hope might start going viral.

Now to finish the knitting, make promo stuff, and continue with the editing. I got a good start yesterday, then ran into one of those things that was a great concern to the editor but that seemed blindingly obvious to me. When something is blindingly obvious to you, it's difficult to judge how to explain it without going overboard with exposition. Fortunately, my narrator character is a newcomer who needs lots of stuff explained to her, so I think I can work it out, but I had to sleep on it to figure it out.

While I'm off working, I leave you with an impressive halftime show. I was in a military marching band, so all the curves make me twitchy, but I know just how much work had to go into this, so I'm kind of in awe. Though I think the T-Rex should have eaten the drum major, just to make it Art.

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