Friday, September 30, 2011

Deadlines and Exploding Heads

I was on a big push yesterday, so I skipped ballet and stayed up until one in the morning and I got to the end of the draft. I need to re-read the last few chapters, and then there's a little tinkering I may need to do, and then I need to read the whole thing straight through, and then I should be done. There was a little bit of the kind of sidetracking that seems to come with a deadline. My skin got really dry and itchy, so I went looking for the really rich body butter that usually helps. Next thing I know, I'm sorting through my bathroom drawers, throwing out old or expired stuff and organizing. Fortunately, I realized what I was doing before I lost the whole night to an organization impulse, found the body butter, stopped the itch, and got back to work. Since I suspect I may be waiting a while to get revision notes from my agent on project #2, I may take the time to do a big organization project instead of switching gears and working on something else. Though it would be fun to always have a new project to hand to my agent the moment she gets done with one. But that's what happens when I can write a book in the time it takes her to review one. (Yes, I do have my evil moments.)

I'm going to re-read the last few chapters today, and then I'm going to try to take my mind off it all until Sunday night. That will be helped by my current two favorite shows having their season finales this weekend. I will likely spend the weekend with my head exploding. First, tonight there's Haven. Just about every episode this season has had some major twist or change in the status quo, and they've almost run out of recurring characters to kill, erase or send away, so there's no telling what they've got in store for the season finale. Last season's finale was packed with major game-changing revelations about our main characters that showed we didn't actually know who they were -- and neither did they -- and then still ended with a twist that was even more mind-blowing. I'm almost afraid of what they'll come up with this season, considering that the last couple of episodes have already pretty much changed everything. They'd best renew this series because it's got such a complex and well-developed mythology. For that I understand we can thank Stephen King. Although the show is extremely loosely based on a King novella, apparently part of the condition for getting approval to use his book (and his name) was that they had to run their plans by him, and that meant they had everything planned up front. This isn't a making it up as we go series where they don't yet have answers in mind for all the big questions they're raising.

They've also managed something I thought would be impossible. When the network formerly known as Sci Fi added wrestling to their programming lineup, we all knew that would inevitably lead to network-mandated insertion of wrestler guest stars into their usual series. In this case, that's been one of the best additions to the series. It is rather silly to have the wrestler listed in the credits as "WWE Superstar" because "Edge" (ugh) is actually a credible enough actor that you might not spot him as a network-mandated wrestler insert otherwise (well, aside from the fact that he makes his six-foot-two co-stars look tiny). And his character is awesome, someone who starts out seeming like some kind of superhero but then who gradually reveals that he's just a guy who has a strange job and a lot of connections, along with a soft spot for children and a surprising knowledge of ballet (ballet dads are so adorable). I was groaning when they started publicizing the wrestler addition and now I'd be furious if they killed Dwight (who is pretty much what TV's other Dwight, the one on The Office, thinks he is, in his wildest dreams). But then considering the average lifespan of a recurring cast member on this show, I probably shouldn't get too attached. At least he's not a police chief. Those have the life expectancy of a Spinal Tap drummer. There was one who exploded and one who melted. The only one who's still alive was only "interim," and that's probably what saved him (plus, he's one of the leads, but on this show, I'm not sure even that keeps him safe).

I may still be cleaning up the pieces of exploding head from that finale when I see the Doctor Who finale on Saturday. I'm a little worried about this one because they've tried to fit some really huge, life-changing stuff in with all the running around having adventures in time and space, and that's been somewhat jarring. I don't know if that's been intentional or if it's just a case of being afraid of altering the show too much by actually dealing with all the huge, life-changing stuff. There are so many plot threads in the air, so much to deal with, that I'm not sure it's possible to deal with everything in one episode and have it be at all satisfying. Just as long as they don't kill Rory. I mean, again. Well, not permanently, at least. He has to be alive in at least one timeline.

And now I need to inhale more tea so I can focus on re-reading those last three chapters that I rewrote late last night. They may not even be in English. Then I may nap, and I may do some baking.

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