Friday, September 23, 2011

What Will Be, Will Be

It's convention weekend, and I'm so not ready, but I've reached the zen state of deciding that what will be, will be, and one of the things adding to the stress of the week was also one of those things that puts everything else in perspective and reminds me that in the grand scheme of things, so many of the things we stress over really aren't all that important, especially if we let them distract us from what is important.

Like cookies. Instead of working yesterday, I baked. I knew nothing would get done with squirrel brain and baking would help calm the squirrels, and then I can make other people happy with yummy cookies. I can always rewrite the rest of the book after the con, which will also be when the cable gets dealt with.

Fortunately, I'm commuting from home, so I don't have to make decisions for the weekend or pack ahead of time. I have clothes picked out and ironed, but I can change my mind if necessary, and I can get home easily if I need to. Plus, I'll have my own bed at night, which always helps.

Fun things I get to do:
Moderate the con's first Phineas & Ferb panel
Moderate the annual Doctor Who panel
Moderate our traditional Sunday-morning SyFy Smackdown -- this can be worth getting up for. We hash out what's wrong with the network that's supposed to be aimed at people like us. Last year, we created the concept for a new reality show: Ghost Hoarders. This year, I have a foam broadsword.
Plus, I get to spend the weekend hanging out with my friends and consider it "work."

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