Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Did I Mention Crazy?

I've reached the point in the week where I've had to start trimming things from my to-do list for my own sanity. I reviewed the short story I wrote to have something new to read at FenCon, and I don't think it works well for reading out loud. I also don't like the ending and I don't know how to end it. I thought for a mad moment about trying to come up with something else, but I don't really have the time or the mental energy to write something new this week. So I'll read something else. It will be a FenCon premiere, and I've only read it twice before, so while my obsessive fans who come to all my readings at every convention may have heard it, if you weren't at ConDFW or MileHiCon last year, it will be new to you. And maybe next year I'll have something new coming out to read from.

I didn't have much luck finding a good kids' book to read to the choir. I went through the whole section at the library, and I wasn't impressed with much of anything I found. That could be because about half that section is checked out at any given time, so only the dregs are left, and it didn't help that I was limiting myself to books with some kind of musical theme. But I found that a lot of the children's books were awfully didactic and preachy, teaching Valuable Life Lessons in a very non-subtle and boring way. Or else there was tons of narrative text that I know my bunch would lose interest in quickly. I found one book that had potential, about an animal marching band. It had adorable illustrations, and I had visions of getting the kids to act out playing the various instruments as they were introduced, but then it turned out that the text was deadly dull. They pretty much just copied and pasted the Wikipedia entries for each instrument without bothering to describe the instruments in any fun or clever way, like in rhyme or with any humor, just "this is a trombone, it's made of metal tubes and is played by moving a slide." So I think we'll just be singing a lot this week.

I may have figured out my wardrobe for the weekend, and it requires no shopping, which also removes things from the to-do list. I shopped my closet, instead, and I found a favorite skirt that I hadn't seen in years. I'd wondered what became of it and assumed it was in the bag of things I've been not getting around to taking to the dry cleaner, but it wasn't in there. I finally discovered where it had slipped off a hanger at the back of the closet. It needs ironing, but I have it back in my life, which really adds to my wardrobe.

So, now all I have to do this week is revise a novel, iron some clothes, come up with a lesson plan for preschool choir, do a major PR push and get ready for a convention. Piece of cake!

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