Monday, September 05, 2011

It's Cool!

So, theoretically it's a holiday and since blog posting is a "work" thing I try not to do it on holidays, so I can retain at least some since of difference between an ordinary day and a weekend or holiday, but I just have to shout to the rooftops that our heat wave has truly broken! We don't even have 100-degree temperatures in the long-range forecast. At the moment, I have my windows open and no AC on.

I made scones and tea this morning, since I could turn on the oven without overheating the house, and I opened the patio doors (that open from the breakfast nook). I guess I could have eaten on the patio, but the patio is kind of a mess, so it wouldn't have been pleasant. I think one of my tasks today since I can be outdoors is going to be to straighten up the patio, pull the weeds in the small strip of "flowerbed" and sweep up the weeds I'd already pulled. I had grand plans of getting some fall flowers to plant in containers on the patio this weekend, but when I went to Home Depot on Friday, their garden center was pretty much empty. They said their vendors had taken back a lot of the plants. The heat was just too brutal for them. They said I should check back again in a few weeks. I was hoping to get some zinnias because once they get going, you can cut them and put them in vases. And I need to replace the basil plant that died while I was out of town (next time, I should get my green-thumb neighbor to plant sit for me).

Since the rest of this month is going to be seriously busy, I'm torn between using today as my last day to rest or using it to get a jump on the rest of the month. I may do a little of both, but I think I'm going to start by taking a long walk. I'd thought about walking to the river, but that's a really long walk, and it's pretty windy, so I'd need ballast. I suppose I could pack a picnic in my backpack and make a day of it, and that would count as ballast. It is possible that I'm being a wee bit overexcited by the sudden cooler weather and trying to cram an entire autumn's worth of outdoor activities into one day.

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