Friday, September 02, 2011

Preparing for Cave Time

I had a late night last night due to an emergency meeting of the ballet class support group. I didn't take the jazz class, but I hung around and read a book on my phone while waiting for the class to end so we could all go out together. It's our teacher's last class before she goes on maternity leave, and there are some complications with the pregnancy, so she needed to talk. Unfortunately, by the time we got out of the dance school it was nearly ten and there aren't a lot of places open that late on a weeknight in a relatively small town. We went to the Wendy's nearby, but it turns out their "eat great even late" thing means their drive-through stays open late. They were locking the restaurant when we got there. So the ones who wanted food went through the drive-through, and then we sat in the parking lot and ate and talked. A group of high-school boys was doing the same thing in another corner of the parking lot. I did wonder what kids were doing hanging out in the Wendy's parking lot at nearly 11 p.m. on a school night, but there must have been a football game or band practice, as I recognized one of the kids (and the name the others were calling him by) in a photo of the band in today's newspaper. I think my bedtime was 10:15 when I was in high school, and I definitely would not have been allowed to be out and about town that late on a school night. They were still there when I left, and I'm foggy this morning in spite of sleeping late. I can't imagine they'd be too functional in school, since teens need a lot more sleep than people my age.

Wow, I really sound mom-like there. Or else nosy little old lady. Kids these days. Get off my lawn!

Apparently they finally found and repaired that water leak because I do have water today and had no notice that it would be turned off again today. They finally cut off the water after about 3:30, and it was back on around 5. That meant I could have done things like laundry and dishes earlier in the day, but I didn't because I was worried about losing water mid-way through. And now I really need to do laundry and dishes. We're reaching emergency levels.

This is going to be my last free, moderately relaxing weekend for quite some time, between convention stuff and choir. I have some Sunday-morning obligations at church, but otherwise I have nowhere I need to be at any particular time all weekend, and I intend to take advantage of that. Now I need to pick up supplies for the weekend so I can cook the things I want to, and then I plan to enjoy some quality cave time.

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