Monday, September 19, 2011

Crazy Week

This is going to be crazy scary busy week, with book revisions and a deadline looming over me and a convention this weekend (FenCon) where I'm not only a guest but on the staff, and most of my staff work takes place this week.

I'm not going to post my schedule because I figure if you're at the convention, you'll have a convention guide, and if you're not going to the convention, you probably don't care. I will say that I think I'll be debuting a new Enchanted, Inc. universe short story that's a bit of a prequel to the first book for my reading Saturday at noon -- that is, if I can figure out a way to fix the ending in the middle of everything else I'm doing this week. If I don't fix the ending, I may be reading preschool story books.

I had a busy weekend with choir stuff and con stuff, though a good side-effect of the con stuff was going out to dinner with friends, where the conversation ranged from food and cooking to books to music, with smart phones being passed around to provide samples of the music under discussion (living in the future is cool). Now I just have a few days to recharge before it really kicks off and I have to go into "author" mode. Ack, I haven't even decided what to wear. I was watching a Merchant-Ivory marathon on TCM last week and realized that I pretty much have the same length hair as Helena Bonham Carter does in those movies, which means I either need to get a haircut or I need to learn to do some Edwardian or Victorian updos. That could work as our theme this year involves steampunk, but since I don't have steampunk clothes it might look a little out of place. A Gibson Girl style doesn't quite go with jeans and a t-shirt.

Now I need to make a library run to find something to read to the kids and then I need to go quietly (or not so quietly) insane with all the stuff I need to get done this week.

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Angie said...

For a preschool readaloud, I would recommend The Cow Loves Cookies, anything by Doreen Cronin, or Fox In The Dark by Alison Green. Good luck this week!